ISO 37001 - Public Administration ICC Certification

The International Council of Certification is the only Certification Authority in the World to certify the quality and management of services in Public National Administrations.

It provide general audit and advices for implementing of ICC International Standards for good and quick response of public services and general processes.

UNI EN ISO 14001 : 2015

ISO 14001 has become the international standard for designing and implementing an environmental management system. The standard is published by ISO (the International Organization for Standardization), an international body that creates and distributes standards that are accepted worldwide. The most recent version of the environmental management system requirements was published in 2015, and is referred to as “ISO 14001:2015.”

UNI EN ISO 9001 : 2015

Gaining certification from ICC International Council of Certification  demonstrates that your quality management system (QMS) follows a robust and globally recognized approach that’s focused on continually improving your processes and managing business risks to meet the needs and expectations of your customers and other stakeholders.

Halal certification in the cosmetics sector

The Islamic consumer is particularly attentive in the purchase of consumer goods that must be produced and marketed so as not to offend the moral and in particular the religious prescriptions.

The concept of   Halal (lawful)   it is opposed to that of Haram (illicit), a term which in the Koran identifies foods and drinks that a Muslim cannot possibly consume.